Who is glutnix_neo?

Hi, call me glutnix as I was known on Philippine Electronics Forums (http://www.electronicslab.ph/forum and http://www.electronicshub.ph) by that name (“glutnix_neo“). Well, nothing’s really interesting about me aside from my hobby (at least, interesting to those who find technology amusing). And it’s all that is running inside my head most of the time.

As far as I can remember, I officially claimed that I am an electronic hobbyist when I reached my 1st year in college. That was the time when I successfully wired my very first digital circuit on breadboard, and it was an astable 555 multivibrator (timer for short). Since then I began building Kits (mostly measuring and test instruments) that improved my skills in soldering and assembly.

Pre-Hobby Period…

Just like my fellow hobbyist, my interest in electronics started at a very young age. So before I officially claimed that I am an electronics hobbyist (started creating things), I was first a boy who destroy things, I prefer to call it a reverse engineering at an early age. At age as early as 4 or 5 I am fond of destroying mechanical toys because of my curiosity of what’s happening inside it. I remember my parent’s stories about me placing a bamboo toy gun on a fans blade to replicate the sound it creates. These things happen very often during those days.

When I reached elementary grade my habit continued. This time my victims were not just ordinary mechanical toys but those with electronic components. Electric motors (dynamo, I first encountered it on my 3rd grade), speakers (I love its magnet and the coil) and an electronic piano (I’m among the early circuit bender, hehehe) were among my favorites.

The Making of a Hobbyist…

With the aid of science books I got converted from a horrible child of destruction to an inventor. I wired my very first parallel and series circuit on my fifth grade. From then I began experimenting with battery powered devices.

When I reached high school I learned how to use tools (screw driver, hammer, cutter). But my favorite tool is the knife of the nail cutter. I used it a lot in opening watches I had and more electronic toys and appliances (radio, cassette, etc). The nail cutter is also very useful in cutting and stripping wires. It was during these days that I have setup my very first laboratory. Unfortunately it wasn’t an Electronics Laboratory but rather a Chemistry Laboratory. Since then my passion for learning never stopped growing.

During those periods I already know how to repair or put back stuffs I opened. But without the knowledge on soldering, I can’t do much repair. I often use electrical tape to join wires. I remember I soldered a “bricked game toy” using candle’s wax when I was in 4th year high school.

Hobby, hobby, hobby…

With so much curiosity in electronics, this made me decide to take Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering (actually my first choice was Computer Engineering).

My early years in college were the most important. During those days I learned how to use the breadboard and how to solder. I learned it with the help of my roommates who were 5th yr BSECE students that time. I also made my very first regulated power supply during my 1st year in college and luckily this power supply is still working up to now.

Most of my projects before are instruments like the transistor tester, temperature probe, logic probe, and more. I also assembled the Alexan’s “Sleepmate Kit” (a clock radio) and the “Wireless Mic”

Everything Pays Off…

When I was in college I never thought the passion I have would lead me to many adventures and success. Before, I was not so concerned about having a position on school organizations but everything changed when I got elected as vice president for electronics on our ECE organization. From there I became the school’s representative to IECEP (National Student Council) and became part of the IECEP-NSC’s board of directors. I was also the elected vice president – external of the Engineering Organization’s Coordinating Committee.

The positions I had taught me a lot about responsibilities and leadership. A friend of mine (president of school student organization) even mentioned I could have won the best officer award if only I’m not an Octoberian (which means I served my term for only half a year, all this happened on my last semester in college).

I never regret the path that I have chosen because it taught me a lot of things (technical, professional and moral lessons). Luckily, I finished it in 4 1/2years (most would finish it in 5yrs or more). Then I passed the board exam on April 2003.

My success in reaching my dreams never ceased when I got hired as a hardware design engineer. This gave me the opportunity for a post-graduate scholarship. My major that time was Power Electronics and it was new to me before because few schools teach that subject during our time. I liked it because I learn so many things and deepens my knowledge even more.

Later I became active with forums. I became among the first winners of electronicslab.ph/forum contest and won the award for starting the longest technical thread (Lahat ng Questions sa SMPS). Later I was selected as technical people of the said forum. Another forum, electronicshub.ph, gave me the honor for letting me be one of their moderators.

And my most recent achievement was winning an Innovation Award from our company. I was among the top 5 awardees worldwide who contributed to the campaign to Revolutionize the Company’s Market.

At Present…

I spent half of my career on Hardware Engineering but later transferred to Firmware Engineering because I wanted to learn more (and FW engineering never failed to satisfy my expectations).

At present I am continuing my graduate studies and taking up Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) major in Electronics. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish my thesis this year, or next year (or next next year, hehehe)

I am also teaching part time on a university handling Electronics Design subjects. Apart from teaching at a university I was also conducting trainings regarding Power Supply Housekeeping on our company. And, I also do a couple of freelance jobs.


~ by glutnix_neo on August 20, 2009.

7 Responses to “Who is glutnix_neo?”

  1. more power ! 😀 ,

    isa kang tunay na IMBA!

    best regards goodluck ,

    CoE vs. ECE ??

  2. pareho tayo sir nung bata mahilig din ako magbaklas ng mga laruan yung mga dynamo, mga battery speakers, hehe.

  3. whew im so much impress on your old days just like very much the sama the only thing is im a frustrated ece, but i never stop, i got lucky when im in my company before i was sent for schooling at munich germany as a power speecialist,but still up to this time im still hungry for being an electronics hobbyist.beyond my frustration i thought i cantransfer my knowledge to our successor my two son and two daughters but still my frustration comes they dont like electronics ,they finished as one civil engineer, bsc computer science engineering,bs psychology,and accounting management ,im hoping too that my only wish is someone can expell my frustration someday say my first grandchild im little bit older now at 50s im not tired on my hobby still work well…somebody told me why not get into furom for they well known you for your greatest achievement as i replied its good i can share my hobby but this time as i grow older im now becoming lazy on other things…here is my motto before when i was 6 years old…1966s ‘ ill plan someday to build a moving theater”….

  4. Sir. Pde po ba malaman san ka po ba nakatira?

  5. UU nga Po. pde po ba kayong ma contact.?

  6. Sir pwede ko po bang malaman ang iyong address or contact # may nais po akong i tanung sa iyo po.. salamat

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