The Underground Workbench 1 (Lucena City)

Every hobbyist needs some neat bench to do all their dirty works. This allows us to easily work on kit assembly and soldering and even provide compartments where we can store our tools for safety. For others, they wouldn’t care if they work most of the time on the floor or sometimes they use their dining table for their hobby. But one must realize how dangerous it is to have all his tools and stuffs lying on the floor especially when there are children playing around. Soldering on the dining table might not be a good idea as well because of the great danger of contaminating foods with toxic substances like lead.

Many hobbyist would be hesitant about buying/making a real workbench (like those setup on Electronics Design companies) for their hobby because of the cost. And it wouldn’t be practical to have one especially when you’re just starting your hobby.

But the reality is most hobbyist don’t have a real workbench (except if Electronics Design is their day job). You’ll often see them use ordinary but dedicated tables for their hobby. This saves them a lot of money for the same task they want to accomplish.


My first workbench…

I got my first workbench from an old PC table. It has a keyboard compartment which is a perfect to store my tools. Books are placed on the compartment for the system unit and a few more tools and books can be placed on the left side of it.


Even though my youngest sister (an ECE graduate) is the only one who could appreciate my works, I am lucky that my parents are supportive about my hobby. My mother even bought me a nice container to store my gadgets when I was just starting my hobby.


More of my stuffs…

Few more books are scattered around our home. Below is a picture of Frankie (an old 486 computer) with my computer related books and publications on the right.



My mother loves buying furniture even if she has no use for it. Good for me because I have all the storage I need for my components and scrap devices. Beside Frankie is a nicely disguised electronic arsenal.



Left-bottom are printer and scanner parts. Left-top are my application note printouts. Right-bottom are AT and ATX power supplies. Right-top are my failed LCD projector project and CFL scraps.



On the center-top are my components. I have component bins complete with commercially available discrete resistors and capacitors and few voltage regulator ICs. I also have commonly used digital logic gates and PIC microcontrollers.



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