The Underground Workbench 2 (Quezon City)

When I got a job at Libis, my routine of visiting Lucena every weekends became no longer possible because of my hectic schedule at work that time. Another reason why I can’t go home every weekends is that I often need to spend some time with my girlfriend (living on on Makati) during these days. These also has affected my hobby life because my workbench is at Lucena City (that is 120+ km away from my present home). Everything made me decided to setup another workbench on my new home to pursue my hobby.

While walking around the mall, I found a nice looking children’s drawing table set (with a little chair). I said this would be perfect for my new workbench and it cost only around Php 1000.

Bench 004

Same as with my old setup, books must be located near my workbench and for this case I placed it under my TV set.

Bench 002


Below the TV set is where I placed all my scraps and kits.

Bench 001


I also purchased a toolbox to store my tools and cables.

Bench 003


~ by glutnix_neo on September 21, 2009.

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