Underground Workbench Officially Launched

Underground Workbench is now officially launched to public!!!

In the future I’ll be posting many articles you’ll surely enjoy.

Below are just among the posts which are currently a work in progress

What’s Inside It?

USB Flash Drive

Line Follower Tank

MP4 Player

S1 MP3 Player

Hacks n’ Mods

Desk Clock Infra Red Intruder Alert

Time Machine (Desk Clock Reverse Rotation and Overclocking)

Dolly Single Slope ADC (LM555 Based ADC)

Hobby Projects

Linear Regulated Power Supply

Single Chip (Schmitt Trigger NAND Gate) Infra Red Intruder Alert

SIMPLE (Simple is Microchip PIC16F84A Lover’s Excalibur) PIC Trainer

GNU (Glunix_neo Universal) Programmer, an MCUless USB Programmer

Expect more to come and I’m hoping for your usual support. Thanks…


~ by glutnix_neo on September 22, 2009.

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