Hacks n Mods – Time Machine

Many wished they could turn back the hands of time so they could change their fate. It has become an obsession and also a frustration for many of our great minds. Albert Einstein even spent his whole career understanding how to manipulate it.

Some say it is possible by travelling at speeds faster than the speed of light. But then physics also limits a massive body to travel or even approach speeds near that of the light. I did my own research and results were very shocking. On my realization I said to myself, what the hell’s wrong with them? If they want to turn the hands backwards all they need to do is to make it turn “counter clockwise”. Hehehehe.

Time Travel

For details about how to disassemble a desk clock, kindly visit the blog post below…

What’s Inside It? Analog Desk Clock 


At first I thought this would be very simple. I thought interchanging the connection of the wires connected to the solenoid would reverse its polarity and thus could make it turn counterclockwise. The solution didn’t worked because when I looked at the pulse on scope it was AC alternating its pulses every second. Interchanging the connections wont cause anything because AC don’t have polarity.

I also tried mounting the solenoid on different orientation but the scheme didn’t worked either. I theorized that there is something with the assembly of the iron core that makes it turn in one direction.

Just when I almost discovered the solution myself, uncle google guided me to a link on instructibles on how to turn it backward. (darn it, why is there always someone stealing my ideas, hehehe)



The guy’s solution is very elegant and simple. All we need to do is to remove the iron core, flip it vertically, then assemble all the part back together again.



Before inserting it back on the case, I ran a minor test to make sure its working before all the screws are back on.

Surprisingly, it worked!!! The project is now ready for full assembly.



Below is the video of the fully assembled time machine.


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