What’s Inside It? – Analog Desk Clock

Last Sunday I went hunting for parts for my Clock Intruder Alert Project. Parts hunting is one of my favorite activity I enjoy most alone. You’ll often see me hopping from stores to stores and even on “Ukay Ukay”(2nd Hand Store) looking for parts without getting tired even if I spent the whole day doing it. It’s a great challenge and pleasure for me to look for the cheapest parts for my projects.

I found my cheapest clock at Daiso for only Php 66 (actually I found the cheapest 4hrs later at an Ukay Ukay store around Araneta for only Php 37).



This nice clock has a cover that doubles as its stand.

100_1499  100_1501


The analog desk clock has four screws that can easily be opened using standard phillips screw driver.



Inside it is a generic clock box you’ll see on most desk clock of this size.


To open it further you must remove the Alarm and Time setting knob first.

Set Knob


Then you can force it open by sliding the precision screw driver on each of the four locks. Locks are located on each sides, one on top, and one at the bottom just above the battery compartment.

 100_1510 100_1511


I have opened many of these clocks (cheap and classy, China and US made) before and noticed that the internal assembly is somewhat generic. The only difference you’ll notice is the materials that were used. Sometimes the buzzer is also mounted on board. And, placement of the stand offs may vary depending on its manufacturer.

None the less, if you take out a control board from one clock, chances are it will fit on another clock.



The control board seems less hack friendly. Only three components are mounted, namely the solenoid coil,  buzzer, and the crystal resonator. The alarm is triggered by pulling the trigger pin to ground.



Clock are pulsed by a current alternating its direction every second across the solenoid. The whole circuitry are supplied by a single alkaline battery rated at 1.5V.


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