Hacks n Mods – Time Machine

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Many wished they could turn back the hands of time so they could change their fate. It has become an obsession and also a frustration for many of our great minds. Albert Einstein even spent his whole career understanding how to manipulate it.

Some say it is possible by travelling at speeds faster than the speed of light. But then physics also limits a massive body to travel or even approach speeds near that of the light. I did my own research and results were very shocking. On my realization I said to myself, what the hell’s wrong with them? If they want to turn the hands backwards all they need to do is to make it turn “counter clockwise”. Hehehehe.

Time Travel

For details about how to disassemble a desk clock, kindly visit the blog post below…

What’s Inside It? Analog Desk Clock 


At first I thought this would be very simple. I thought interchanging the connection of the wires connected to the solenoid would reverse its polarity and thus could make it turn counterclockwise. The solution didn’t worked because when I looked at the pulse on scope it was AC alternating its pulses every second. Interchanging the connections wont cause anything because AC don’t have polarity.

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What’s Inside It? – Analog Desk Clock

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Last Sunday I went hunting for parts for my Clock Intruder Alert Project. Parts hunting is one of my favorite activity I enjoy most alone. You’ll often see me hopping from stores to stores and even on “Ukay Ukay”(2nd Hand Store) looking for parts without getting tired even if I spent the whole day doing it. It’s a great challenge and pleasure for me to look for the cheapest parts for my projects.

I found my cheapest clock at Daiso for only Php 66 (actually I found the cheapest 4hrs later at an Ukay Ukay store around Araneta for only Php 37).



This nice clock has a cover that doubles as its stand.

100_1499  100_1501

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What’s Inside It? USB Flash Drive

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I got this little flash drive as a gift on our yearly gift giving tradition. Too bad it gone bad after I have used it for over a year now. So I decided to crack it open.

The flash drive has no screws and once you opened it, there’s no way of putting them back together again.



Unknown (CDR King 1G Flash Drive)


Green Color

Mini Size

1G Bytes

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Underground Workbench Officially Launched

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Underground Workbench is now officially launched to public!!!

In the future I’ll be posting many articles you’ll surely enjoy.

Below are just among the posts which are currently a work in progress

What’s Inside It?

USB Flash Drive

Line Follower Tank

MP4 Player

S1 MP3 Player

Hacks n’ Mods

Desk Clock Infra Red Intruder Alert

Time Machine (Desk Clock Reverse Rotation and Overclocking)

Dolly Single Slope ADC (LM555 Based ADC)

Hobby Projects

Linear Regulated Power Supply

Single Chip (Schmitt Trigger NAND Gate) Infra Red Intruder Alert

SIMPLE (Simple is Microchip PIC16F84A Lover’s Excalibur) PIC Trainer

GNU (Glunix_neo Universal) Programmer, an MCUless USB Programmer

Expect more to come and I’m hoping for your usual support. Thanks…

The Underground Workbench 2 (Quezon City)

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When I got a job at Libis, my routine of visiting Lucena every weekends became no longer possible because of my hectic schedule at work that time. Another reason why I can’t go home every weekends is that I often need to spend some time with my girlfriend (living on on Makati) during these days. These also has affected my hobby life because my workbench is at Lucena City (that is 120+ km away from my present home). Everything made me decided to setup another workbench on my new home to pursue my hobby.

While walking around the mall, I found a nice looking children’s drawing table set (with a little chair). I said this would be perfect for my new workbench and it cost only around Php 1000.

Bench 004

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The Underground Workbench 1 (Lucena City)

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Every hobbyist needs some neat bench to do all their dirty works. This allows us to easily work on kit assembly and soldering and even provide compartments where we can store our tools for safety. For others, they wouldn’t care if they work most of the time on the floor or sometimes they use their dining table for their hobby. But one must realize how dangerous it is to have all his tools and stuffs lying on the floor especially when there are children playing around. Soldering on the dining table might not be a good idea as well because of the great danger of contaminating foods with toxic substances like lead.

Many hobbyist would be hesitant about buying/making a real workbench (like those setup on Electronics Design companies) for their hobby because of the cost. And it wouldn’t be practical to have one especially when you’re just starting your hobby.

But the reality is most hobbyist don’t have a real workbench (except if Electronics Design is their day job). You’ll often see them use ordinary but dedicated tables for their hobby. This saves them a lot of money for the same task they want to accomplish.


My first workbench…

I got my first workbench from an old PC table. It has a keyboard compartment which is a perfect to store my tools. Books are placed on the compartment for the system unit and a few more tools and books can be placed on the left side of it.


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Projects: LM555 Mosquito Pester

•September 12, 2009 • 58 Comments


My problem started when my girlfriend began complaining about mosquitoes ruining her life every night . I know mosquito sprays will just drive those beast away for sometime then after a while they’ll begin to pest your night again so I suggested she should try using “katol”. It’s a normal thing for my girlfriend whenever I suggest a solution for her problem that she’ll always have a reasons why she wouldn’t agree with my suggestions. She said “katol” might cause fire (which I agree). Then I suggested she use electronic mosquito repellant, as always she’ll complain its expensive and high maintenance, mosquito net would make her uncomfortable. I suggested a few more until I ran out of solutions that could make her satisfied.

Then it came to my mind to design a Mosquito Pester (biological way of taking revenge over those pests). When I was a student I built a project similar to this one based on transistor astable oscillators. Surprisingly, she agreed.

Using the same principle as with my original project I designed the 555 based device to lessen the complexity and increase the reliability of the circuit.


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